ALL THAT GLITTERS Stephanie (of Honey & Silk) and I have seen and done some amazing things on our DestinationSOREL journey. Now we’re taking you on a shopping tour of our own city—Los Angeles.

We laced up our SOREL sandals and hit the pavement. How cute are the Joanie Lace Wedges on Stephanie?! We started with my neighborhood, Echo Park. It’s a growing shopping destination with some smaller boutiques and emerging lines. For clothing, I recommend Ali Golden, my go-to shop for linen and minimalist pieces, and Myrtle, a blend of vintage and new and oh-so-colorful. If you're in the market for housewares and jewelry, you have to hit up Esqueleto.

LUXURY AND LATTES Melrose Place is this tucked-away little block of shops that has a quieter feel than Melrose Avenue, with some of the best luxury shopping in LA. It's a must-visit destination in my books. Need a boost of caffeine? You have to hit up Alfred Tea across the street. Trust me. It’s all sorts of blush pink goodness, and even if you aren’t a regular tea drinker, you will love what they have. Try the rose tea latte and thank me later.

FLOWER POWER FlowerBoy Project is a combination flower shop and coffee shop.  Lavender lattes, rose lattes, you get the idea. They have this incredible selection of dried and fresh flowers that make photo-taking so fun inside.

SHOPPING SCENE If you want to shop in LA, wear comfy shoes. I chose these SOREL Torpeda lace-up sandals for the day, and was thankful for the cushiony side. I recommend Guild in Abbott Kinney, with its wonderful selection of denim and vintage-inspired tees. If you’re craving a scenic break in between all the shopping, skip Santa Monica pier and instead visit the Venice Canals. There’s nowhere else like it on the West Coast.

STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN Both Silverlake and Echo Park are covered in sets of these sky-high stairs to help you get from one street to the next. The stairs with the rainbow pattern and heart on them are such a fun photo op, and they're nearby to even more great shopping. Or perhaps you're looking for a view of downtown? Echo Park is quite hilly, with these lovely vistas of the tall building in DTLA. Perch up there close to sunset and watch the sky light up.

BOARDWALK EMPIRE A final spot that can feel a bit touristy (but in the best way possible) is the Venice Boardwalk. It's this great mixture of ocean-facing restaurants, live music, and stalls selling all sorts of trinkets. There's really nowhere else like it that I can think of, so it's a definite must-visit—at least once.